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Prediction of woven bag has no renewable materials method

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The meaning of 1 recycled materials.
Woven bags have no renewable materials, it is difficult to define. Theoretically speaking, woven bags of raw materials by drawing out, recycling use should be renewable materials, not to waste woven bags recycling of renewable materials. However from the actual production situation, raw material by extruding drawing impossible without side silk and silk generation, is fully automatic flat unit to flat, mixing and direct recovery of waste crusher, which is not actually present a point of renewable materials woven bags, unless special purpose woven cloth, the edge, with all other waste collection.
The general said no renewable materials woven bags refers to the production of woven bags, no extra purchased renewable waste materials, production of silk and silk edge was added to add new material again, this is generally called" new materials woven bags".
Woven bags have no renewable materials, it is difficult to use the visual judgment. So far, no national standards, no industry standards of new material to add the number of recycling materials for renewable materials woven bags.
Construction enterprise interior has an unwritten jargon: woven bag production process, the new material recycling is a feed back, waste woven bags recycling into a two feed back. According to this view, add a feed back to the bags to add recycling materials woven bags, while adding two feed back woven bags are adding renewable materials woven bags, all two materials production woven bags called recycled bags.
2 containing recycled materials woven bags characteristics.
2-1 significantly reduced relative tensile force.
If the flat process control, new material flat relative to snap up to 0.36N / tex above, if the use of the two feed back to add 10% edge, relative tensile force can reach 0.28N / tex.
2-2. Breaking force elongation instability.
In addition the amount of renewable materials, fracture rates decline range. If the PP renewable materials mixed with PE component, may elongation will increase.
2-3. Other physical index drop.
Renewable materials woven bags increased brittleness, especially resistant to low temperature brittleness worse. Impact resistance ability drops, electrical insulation aging degree of decline, and speed.
3 through the flat relative tensile force prediction of woven bag has no renewable materials method:
As a result of renewable materials increases to a certain amount, about 10% the left and right sides, flat relative tensile force must be less than 0.32N / tex this index available to users. Woven flat relative tensile force index check bags of renewable materials.

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