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Self improvement of printing industry in environmental protection to counterattack

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Although the printing industry as everyone knows, it is a sustainable development of the industry, but when it comes to, how to deal with the destruction of ecological environment problems, very few people have reached an agreement.
Over the years, all of the digital technology has misunderstood, digital printing and more environmentally friendly than traditional this idea was a whoop and a holler. The fed by various high-tech manufacturing companies of the public opinion pressure, so the traditional printing industry market is greatly reduced.
As an industry, the traditional printing had to make a change, in order to protect environment and self improvement. Nowadays, many people of the printed also began to feel, it's time to make a change.
" Printing paper business friends" co-founder John Roche is actively promoting the reform of the pioneer. " Friends of the printing paper business" is a commitment to solve the environmental problems of the printing mechanism.
John Roche argued that: "the printing industry should fight back, especially for those on ' how to destroy the environment printing ' speech errors." John Roche hopes, published the traditional printing and digital media a detailed comparative data, to correct those already on the market is new and has long been the error message. Especially the carbon emissions of the contrast data.
We will be your own on enemy
When most people think of traditional printing in the area of environmental impact should be a time for reappraisal, some new data also makes these commentators feel restless. These data show, digital media in the aspect of environmental protection carbon being overlooked, but traditional printing as the destruction of environment and make compensation more.
Whether in the employment of personnel, or multimedia communication and coordination, printing is now completely become a media industry. So negative digital media is equivalent to the negation of the traditional printing. On both sides of the debate, the only feasible way, is to correct the error of speech rather than continue to let it spread. " Win-win Printing Association for sustainable development" of President Martin Eustace thinks so. Martin Eustace pointed out:" the entire printing industry needs a step by step to improve these misunderstandings. Public opinion continued argument will damage all practitioners, neither party will benefit. We need to act together and printing enterprises. Let the enterprise know, the lack of any evidence of the claim, will make them suffer negative effects."
Although the two speech controversy, but both sides reached a consensus: the traditional printing can not continue down the proper way of development. Eustace said that" in some ways, we will be your own worst enemy. For the printing industry, there are too many environmental quality standard. If you need money to buy these environmental certification, then gives the impression of being, your product itself to have a problem."
Buy more environmental protection certification, but on improving the public on printing industry view, nothing. Instead, these certificate value lies in, invite public bidding and contract, let those who wish to save money, improve the pass rate of the company can pass the examination.
So now the problem we face is how to promote environmental protection, reform. Before you make a decision, you must realize, the printing industry in the following two aspects at the same time improvement:
People's prejudices
The first is the public for the printing industry in the destruction of the environment in terms of the stereotypes. People most probably it did not actually happen that, paper is made after cutting the trees to make and come. The paper will lead to large area of deforestation of tropical rain forests. In fact, we used the paper has about 94% come from the European Renewable forest. Compared with 1950, forest planting area has increased by 30%.
Many people think this is a very difficult to improve the situation. Over the years, the printing industry in the environmental protection aspect improvement continued, but the negative remarks still exist. Media and environmental groups keen to highlight a corporate social responsibility, regardless of whether you are willing, they will both global warming and the printing industry forced link. All electronic bills, online inquiries in must be a cause for environmental protection.
And" win-win" organization solution is possible and the media, peaceful coexistence, and terminating all unsubstantiated remarks. When a company says, by the electronic communication to replace the traditional paper printing, as do more environmental protection," win-win" organization will write to the enterprise, points out that they can't prove digital communication compared to traditional print, more green. They do this to propagandize, there will be a possible violation of the relevant provisions of the advertising standards authority. Eustace said, there are 95% enterprises agree, completely stop above staff awareness.
Lack of data
Eustace reiterated that, to prove that the digital media such as traditional printing, with more space for sustainable development, need to have enough data to prove. While searching for these data need to spend a lot of time. " Win-win" organizational Sustainability Consultant rob Pearson agrees with this view. " Digital media world is very complex, it is difficult to quantify specific to their impact on the environment. So far, no method for calculating can be recognized by the u.s.. This leads to unable to come up with effective data, and the data were compared with traditional printing."
Pearson is trying to through an initiative, to draw the comparison data. Purpose is to encourage a publisher to take a unified method to calculate the environmental impact of digital publishing. However, this is just the very early attempts.
Roche also mentioned that, even though you have made such a" decent ", but they also do their own calculations, also found that the traditional printing carbon emissions, can be said that all media for at least a. Printing business alliance also released carbon emissions, energy-saving emission reduction results report. Three at the end of the data display, digital media has claimed more environmentally friendly than traditional printing myth, being broken.
Printing business alliance report also pointed out, digital media and traditional printing combination, it is also very important. Digital media in attacking the other competitors, should first consider. Although the study comes to the conclusion that the data can be modified on the printing industry of public misunderstanding, but the printing industry from the digital technology has gained more and more revenue. E-mail, workflow, information management system, network printing, data acquisition, data sorting, cross media activities, printing is rapidly becoming a diversified industry, and digital media should become their important allies attacked each other, too, will only damage to print their own future.
Of course, the printing company selected the best solution, perhaps with the actual purchase decision, to make the customer's ideas were not consistent. But from look on the other hand, there is always a different view.
Mike Cruise, British Sky Broadcasting management printing aspects of the responsible person, he believed that the printing industry should be more active to face those controversial issues, and try to correct the public prejudice. " Creative" manager Chris Alan thought, many brand design and brand building are the traditional print and electronic format, it has advocated a more harmonious and unified way.
He thinks, the best behavior certainly is not involved in the printing industry environment all argument and discussion. He believed that CEOs themselves can judge all kinds of speech, and they are unified view. His remarks, and he will make the same printing practitioners, free to customers and to explore various printing.
" The printer should concentrate on a specific issue, the printing industry what? Printing significance lies in: it full of creativity, full of strength, able to move customers." He believes that "the printing industry can also provide more, but its power is dissipated." And this is what we need to address a pressing matter of the moment. Alan said, the most sensible solutions, is the unity of speech, no longer will the responsibility of environmental protection with the printing enterprise together. This printing enterprises in with their clients to talk, not repeated emphasis on" printing is green, because of ... ..." ," printing is green, but also because ... ..." This will lead to the printing industry in the future, but not to explain the past.
The paper 's fallacy
" Win-win" organization announced a data display, on the printing industry and papermaking industry to the environment destruction, there are a lot of nonsense. As the following three:
Myth: paper will destroy the forest
The fact is: 90% of deforestation is not sustainable development agriculture caused by the behavior, while the European forest, we use the paper in 94% from here, compared to 1950, forest planting area has increased by 30%.
Myth two: the artificial cultivation of forests on the environment is also a kind of destruction
The fact is: have a good management of the forests, deforestation will continue to plant new trees, these young trees, ability to absorb carbon dioxide, than in those years old forest is more powerful.
Myth three: printing and packaging shell caused a large amount of waste, the last being dumped in landfills.
The fact is: paper and packaging shell, is one of the few, can be completely recycled material.

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